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Craft Visual Excellence

Metamer Studios is a creative video production agency which partners deeply with mission-driven organizations to thoughtfully strategize, creatively develop, and flawlessly execute audio-visual stories that accomplish organizational goals and inspire audiences to take meaningful action. We’re committed to crafting the right story at the right time for the right audience.



Union Plus Be Frugal

Union Plus operates dozens of benefits programs in partnership with major brands to bring exclusive savings and offers to AFL-CIO union members and union affiliates. Be Frugal is Union Plus’s industry leading cash-back shopping program. We had the pleasure of making this humorous video to promote the relatively new program across Connected TV and Web.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

TPM Co/Lab

Metamer Studios helped the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to concept and create this impactful video to fuel growth for its online TPM Co/Lab program by repurposing existing interview testimonial footage and applying a modern, sleek motion graphic design to develop this impactful video.


La Colombe

Open up to Cans

Short, enticing video for the Cans Manufacturing Institute featuring celebrity chef, television personality, and serial entrepreneur Todd Carmichael who introduces a new canned product from his chic coffee chain, La Colombe.




Model B and US MADE enlisted the help of Metamer to design, develop, and animate a beautiful, 1-minute animated video explaining the USPTO’s IPR process, and its essential function to the U.S. Economy.


World Bank Group

MIGA South Africa

MIGA guarantees help protect small agricultural businesses in South Africa. With fun, hand drawn animation we were able to showcase the amazing work they are doing there.



Union Plus AT&T Benefits Explained

Union Plus offers oodles of benefits for union members and union families. One of their programs, offered in partnership with AT&T, reduces monthly cell phone bills, waived activation fees, and discounts on phone accessories. This animated explainer video describes those benefits and illustrates how Union Plus helps union families stay connected.


Videos That
Actually Work

For over a decade we’ve been honing our unique approach and optimizing results in the emerging field of video marketing. What makes us different is our heavy emphasis on the “Why?” It’s not enough to make beautiful video — gorgeous, articulate video storytelling which fails to garner the right results and pursue the right goals is a tremendous waste of time and money. Our first step in any project or campaign is to make sure our strategy aligns with intent.


Full-Service Video Production

Simply put, we do video. Soup to nuts—from Strategy to Script & Storyboard, Filming to Finishing, we cut no corners and leave no questions unanswered. We’ve got this art down to a science and have the results to prove it.


Video Content Strategy, Scripting & Story Development

We dive deep to unearth organizational storytelling which unequivocally resonates with intended audiences and moves them to tears and action. Whether the goal is to inspire, inform, build, or simply to make the cash register ring, we’re the audio-visual storytellers who know what will authentically get the job done and done right the first time.


On-Location Filmmaking & Events

Metamer was originally founded as a rapid-response, on-location videography service provider which brought Hollywood best-practices to bear for organizations in and around Washington, D.C. And while we’ve grown considerably since then, the Lights, Camera, Action! of filmmaking remains a major speciality. Whether we’re filming interviews, b-roll, scripted scenes with actors, or event programming, we’re the best in the business at on-set, live-action video production.


Motion Design & Branding

We’re experts in translating brand guidelines for video and have oodles of experience setting brands in motion — our motion brand guides, motion graphics packages, and custom templates for video make standardizing your brand and deploying high production value imaging an absolute cinch. Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel every time you produce a video, animated infographic, gif, or truly any other moving audio-visual content.


Animation & Storyboarding

We transform high-level concepts into easy-to-understand and visually appealing animated videos and audio-visual assets for web, social, broadcast, in-person display, interactive, and more. Animation is a core discipline at Metamer Studios and we’re experts at synthesizing core information for the video format.


Motion Graphics & Data Visualization

We’re foremost experts in setting both created and existing design assets in motion through the black magic art of motion graphics. Data is not only persuasive but undeniable when presented in a way which most effectively resonates with audiences. We develop and create on-brand, artistic motion graphics and data visualizations to drive points home and win big for our clients.


Social Media Content

Video is king on social. Whether your brand will benefit from organic or paid, native or reformatted content, we tailor content to each individual platform to help you reach your audience where they are with media and messaging that resonates and converts for days, weeks, months, and years into the future.


Video Editing & Sound Design

Metamer has carried Post-production editing and sound as a core offering since its inception — we are experts in honing storytelling to its full potential and developing narratives which not only say it all, but do so with style, grace, and elegance. Whether we’re creating documentary-style videos or scripted live-action stories filmed with actors and props, we’re finishers who don’t call it a wrap until every last detail has been ironed out. That’s a promise.


Force-Multipliers For Messages That Matter

We’re passionate, business-minded artists using our powers for good. Metamer makes strategically-informed, high-quality video content creation seamless so our clients can spend more time on Mission and less time managing us. Personalized and battle-tested, our proprietary storytelling process delivers meaningful results for partners who are dedicated to improving our world. Our outcomes speak for themselves so reach out now to learn more about why our client satisfaction is industry leading. We can’t wait to help tell your story.

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