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Metamer Studios is a video content production company located in Washington, D.C. Metamer sets ideas in motion with impactful live-action and animation video content that incites action and moves audiences to tears.

We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our process while producing audio-visual creatives from end-to-end with our distinctive clientele. Metamer Studios has delivered over a thousand videos, so rest assured we’ve got this art down to a science.

We bring brands to life with message-forward, story-focused, high production value video content which cuts through the noise and leaves an unforgettable impression. We entice action and motivate change with digital filmmaking.

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    Videos Produced

    What’s the best way to get your video content noticed by Google and audiences? Practice. And we’ve practiced this to perfection.

    Make World Class Video Content


    Honestly, transparency with our creative partners makes for a better business relationship and the best product moving forward.

    Video Production in Washington DC, Serving Clients Across the US


    Every story and client is unique and we love to be challenged to explore every creative direction in telling your brand narrative to your audience.

    High Quality Video Production


    Our expertise is founded in hard-earned experience. We’re sure to do everything right on your project, from ideation to delivery of your custom content.

    Best Video Creation Agency


    We invest in enduring partnerships with those we work with. Our digital videos and personal connections are both built to last.

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