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Metamer Productions
Cinematic Tradition | Evolving Technique

Emerging Technologies


The visual-arts are evolving, adapt or die.


Virtual Reality & 360° Video


If films are windows, Virtual Reality is a portal into an alternate universe. And our interactive VR creations are limited only by what can be conceived of by the human mind. Virtual Reality is unique for its sense of Presence: users fell they're truly “there.” In VR, users don't view content, they experience and interact with it as if it were real.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality overlays content on top of the real world — we use mobile phones, a computer-enhanced eye-glasses, and even holograms to physical space. Augmented Reality is changing the media landscape in a big way and the best has yet to come.


+ Beyond

We experiment with Machine Learning, light field capture, auto-populating social content, and much more. Get in touch if you've got a crazy idea. We're quite fond of crazy ideas.

Get in touch to discuss how emerging technology may be leveraged for your organization.

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