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Emerging Technologies


Advanced platforms and futuristic software are making tomorrow feel like today faster than ever. Come evolve with us.


Virtual Reality & 360° Video


If film is a window, Virtual Reality is a friggin' portal. Mankind has become true world-builders. What should people do in your world? And where should they be able to experience it?

We've been in the VR and 360° Video maker space since the medium's inception. Interactivity and immersion are powerful tools for Training & Sales, Quantitative & Qualitative Data Visualization, and so much more. 

What company couldn't use a VR Booth in their lobby? Or perhaps at the next trade show? Or even as a means to sell something that doesn't even exist to a motivated investor? Endless applications.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality overlays content on top of the real world via mobile phones (Pokemon Go), computerized eye-wear (Microsoft HoloLens), or holograms (Tupac @ Coachella). The difference between AR and VR is that in AR you can still eat popcorn and go to the bathroom.

Augmented Reality is changing the media landscape in a big way and the best is yet to come. We're members of an embarassingly small Maker Community dedicated to the advancement of AR Content Marketing as The Next Big Thing. We're creating tomorrow's content today.


+ Beyond

We've created Machine Learning visual-arts applications, captured light field volumetric data, produced auto-populating social media properties, and more. Get in touch if you've got a crazy idea. We're quite fond of crazy ideas.

How might emerging technology be leveraged for your organization? Just ask.

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