Metamer Productions
Metamer Productions
Cinematic Tradition | Evolving Technique
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We make killer content that moves needles.

Steeped in cinematic tradition, obsessed with cutting-edge technology, and entrepreneurial to the core — we mine messages and learn industries to optimize story for the visual medium.


Cinematic Tradition

Our clients don’t need to know the nuanced optical science behind a Hitchcockian Zolly Shot, but we think it’s important we do. Call us film nerds or gear heads, but we love combining long-established best practices with cinema-quality digital technology. The results speak for themselves.


deep knowledge + cutting-edge technology = high-quality content.


    Evolving Technique

    The visual medium is changing rapidly — 4K Imaging, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Machine Learning — there's a plethora of exciting new technologies redefining the way stories are told. Our team lives at the forefront of visual-arts innovation. It's our mandate to meet audiences with exciting content regardless of format or medium.


    Work With Us

    We know visual-arts front and back. We're also kinda badass, tbh. So let's talk about what your audience finds delightful.