Content Marketing for the New Economy
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Video Content Marketing for the New Economy

Metamer Productions specializes in Creative Video for Business, Organizations, and Agency Partners. Our mission-driven Video Content targets, engages, and converts discrete audience segments through targeted messaging on Web, Social, Broadcast, Mobile, Events, and more.

Concept to Script, Storyboard to Location Videography, Editing, and Motion Graphics — our content wins results and moves needles every time.


Cinematic Tradition

There are best practices in every sector. And while our clients don’t need to know the nuanced optical science behind a Hitchcockian Zolly Shot, we think it’s important we do. 

Our approach is rooted in Cinematic Tradition regardless of distribution platform. Whether we're developing a video, social campaign, or virtual reality trainer, we carry forth the knowledge of those who have come before. 


Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Metamer is the Mid-Atlantic Region’s go-to resource for everything Video.


Evolving Technique

4K, 8K, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Machine Learning...who can keep track?!  Us. We can.

Emerging technologies are redefining the way stories are told. Our team lives at the forefront of visual-arts innovation. It's our mandate to meet audiences with exciting content regardless of format or medium.


Let’s work together!

We know Video Content Marketing front-to-back and our services range from soup-to-nuts Video to à la carte Crew Hires.

Please feel encouraged to reach out for an always-free consultation. We’d love the opportunity to learn about what your audience finds delightful.