Union Plus

Member Stories

Corliss King

Metamer Studios produced this emotional video with Union Plus, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Member Stories are those of overcoming hardship through Union values like service and togetherness. Metamer Studios repurposed pre-recorded Zoom video calls and applied a minimalistic motion graphics approach to let these impactful stories speak for themselves. In this video we get to know Corliss King, a flight attendant dedicated to helping her community during the pandemic.

Dennis Page

Get to know Dennis Page, a long time member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Dennis and his family have been through tremendous heartache, but Dennis continues to channel his pain into hope for others.

Ned Hanlon

Get to know Ned Hanlon, a member of the Metropolitan Opera and AGMA. Ned has been a steadfast leader throughout the pandemic, sacrificing himself for the needs of others.