Motion Graphics

Bringing kinetic energy to static imagery to energize your brand forward.

If you’re going to have a “knock-their-socks-off” video, you’re going to want to include some motion graphics. This feature has transcended being a mere extra flourish to an absolute necessity and we’re here to ensure that your assets come to life. Employing digital tools from the Adobe Creative Suite, we arrive at a design for your video to match the desired visual direction surfaced during mood board exercises and your delivered creative brief.

With a mix of motion branding and vector animation, we break down the layers of elements, color schemes and typefaces to bring a distinct look to everything from lower-third titles to custom logo animation, applying custom transitions along the way. We will bring life to your infographics and images with kinetic motion effects such as parallax shifts, 3D motion, and beyond. Everything that once seemed static or stale will be brimming with new visual energy for resonant, engaging video content that’s always on-brand and on-message.

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