Script Writing

Laying the Foundation

If you ask every famous movie director in Hollywood, “what is the single most important part of making a successful film?” they will unanimously tell you that it is the script. The script is the blueprint of any video project, with the exception of documentary and docu-style filmmaking, which doesn’t require a script per-se but you’d be surprised how many documentary films also use scripting.

Writing words for motion images which appear on screens is tricky—viewers watch more video than ever, but are also much quicker to move on. That means every moment has to count if audience is to be retained and activated. A professional script writer is able to suit messaging to audience and keep things moving along at exactly the right pace. Script is the blueprint upon which all that follows is built. Scriptwriting requires not only command of the written word, but also a depth of familiarity with writing for the screen. Our simple, straightforward process has been honed while creating and delivering over a thousand videos. Rest assured our script work will be the best money can buy.

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