Video production with no process is like an organization with no leadership. Follow our fine-tuned steps towards successful content creation.


Let’s get to know each other. We’ll sit down with you to discover what makes your organization stand out. After this introduction, we’ll be better positioned to introduce your brand to the world.


We’ll apply insights we gleaned from you to the art direction and narrative arc of your video. We’ll be at the drawing board (literally) to script and storyboard as we map out concepts and design, strategizing our plan for creative execution.


This is where the work feels like play. If it’s a live-action project, we start filming interviews and B-roll footage and if it’s animation, we’ll fully realize and render your brand in 2D.


Everything is assembled as we piece and cut together the content to perfectly capture your message. Final flourishes such as motion graphics, sound design, and color grading help complete the story.


This is a collaboration, so we work with you to make sure that everything is exactly right — and then we perfect it some more. Your video’s style will seamlessly blend with its story in a cohesive vision that is always on-brand and on-message.


You receive the final product. What was once just an idea is now an engaging short-form video with long-term benefits for audience engagement across all your platforms and verticals.